Dan O'Heirity

The last few days have been significant in the history of the Covid-19 virus for two interrelated reasons. First, the number of confirmed cases worldwide approached and eventually rose above 1,000,000. Secondly, and almost certainly as a direct result of this figure, the world finally became angry with China leading to various news outlets aggregating multiple stories – both new and old – relating facts about China that I have been writing about for weeks. I am going to summarize these facts for you and then report on the news stories that have emerged, or perhaps more exactly have been collated and surfaced, over the last three to four days. Here are the facts as I have told them across a dozen or so journal entries:

  • China is wholly and totally responsible for a virus that as of today has effected 192 countries and regions worldwide, resulting in over 1000000 Covid-19 confirmed cases and over 50,000 deaths.
  • China is also wholly responsible for a World Economy that will be in ruins along with closure of businesses in Australia and other countries and mass unemployment across the countries of the world.
  • China initially tried to cover up the virus outbreak for a period of about one month including detaining the doctors who tried to tell the world about the Covid-19 virus when it was first discovered.
  • China’s response to the virus outbreak in Wuhan may have been effective but at the same time it was inhumane with people being dragged off the streets and apartment doors being welded shut.
  • China has engaged in a strategic war to spread misinformation about the origins of the virus including trying to place the blame for the Covid-19 virus on an American soldier who visited Wuhan.
  • China has consistently tried to save face in the eyes of the world to the extent that they published a book, translated into multiple languages, extolling the way in which they had contained the virus.
  • China’s reported figures for Covid-19 cases and deaths are not to be believed even though the Premier made a big show of telling the provinces that they should not falsify their data on the virus.
  • China has exhibited no remorse or guilt for the virus that they have unleashed upon the world and there has been no apology from China for trying to cover up the fact of the virus in the early days.
  • China has attempted to manipulate the Covid-19 pandemic to its own advantage through talk of building a “health silk road” and through cashing in on selling medical supplies to desperate countries.
  • China has exported substandard medical equipment to different countries around the world, a fact which has undoubtedly increased the spread of the virus along with the number of Covid-19 deaths.
  • China has allowed its citizens to travel with the result that 31,000 Chinese students entered Australia in one month by staying in Thailand for two weeks to sidestep Australian border restrictions.
  • Chinese residents in Australia – and I dare say in other countries – have tried to profit from the virus through bulk buying essential supplies to send to China leaving Australia short of vital supplies.
  • China has shown its real authoritarian, inhumane and manipulative face during this pandemic and the world should re-think its political and economic relations with China in a post Covid-19 landscape.

The points that I have made in the list above came from a mixture of researching news stories over the last couple of months or so and reflecting upon those news stories. As I wrote each journal entry I wondered why the world was not angrier with China, why it was not calling to China to account for its lies and deceit and blatant disregard for human life and why the various countries around the world were not talking about having seen the “real face” of China. I also wondered why Australian leaders, politicians and news figures were not being more vocal in their condemnation of China, Chinese companies in Australia and Chinese people in Australia who have been acting callously in profiteering from the Covid-19 virus.

I still do not know the answer to those questions but what I do know is that everything has changed in this respect over the last few days, at least as far as the news that is now making it front and center on the aggregated news sources in Australia. This story, first published on 20th March 2020 but taking pride of place on a news website today argues that China should be held accountable for spreading the Covid-19 virus and that countries should re-evaluate their relations with China. A story from the 2nd April 2020, two days ago, continues in the same vein, reporting that

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Trump have “had the guts” to condemn the Communist Party of China and its “brutal and secretive” handling of the discovery of the deadly COVID-19 virus in December.

But there is more to the story which goes on to report that it is now clear that China has consistently and deliberately misreported both the number of Covid-19 cases and the fatalities from the Covid-19 virus. This sentiment has grown in the last few weeks as China has consistently reported either no new cases of the virus or very few new cases of the virus along with virtually no new deaths, a fact that simply seems astonishing and unbelievable given that only a few months earlier they were reporting thousands of cases each day.

One might argue that the inhumane way in which China locked down Wuhan did in fact stop the spread of the virus but the world is not believing that story, just as it is not believing China’s nonsense claim that an American soldier was responsible for introducing the virus into China when in fact the origin of the virus in a Wuhan market has been firmly established along with Patient Zero having been identified as a shrimp seller in that market. Chinese markets, along with their slaughterhouse and factory farms are notoriously unhygienic and I have written previously on the fact that the world needs to tell China to get its house in order because those markets are a pandemic waiting to happen.

I was pleased to see my views confirmed today in a news video that cited a 2007 story that called these markets a “disease time-bomb” whilst also noting as I have done that Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) also originated in a wet market in China. However, at the time of writing China is re-opening its disgusting wet markets and exotic markets even though the virus is ravaging the world. And why wouldn’t they? From the Chinese perspective their lies and deceit have hidden the truth of the real extent of the cases of Covid-19 and the fatalities from the virus and everything else has been neatly covered up by a published a book on how expertly and quickly they dealt with the Covid-19 virus. Now they can hardly report anything other than success with respect to the number of new cases and the number of new deaths and from this tissue of lies there will follow a chain of events including relaxing lock down restrictions in Wuhan and re-opening wet markets and exotic markets. Look world, it’s all over in China and we’re doing good.

Evidence is presented in this story that two Chinese Property Companies operating in Australia have been using private jets to send vast quantities of medical supplies from Australia to China, leaving Australia low on much needed supplies. However, this is not the full story. These companies are backed by the Chinese government and during the months of January and February 2020 they “downed tools” to focus their concentrated efforts on pillaging Australia and other countries for essential medical equipment such as hazmat suits, medical masks, gloves, antiseptic wipes and just about anything else that they could get their hands on. And we are talking quantities in the millions for these products.

It gets worse. These Chinese backed companies pillaged Australia at a time when China, who already knew that the Covid-19 virus was deadly, along with the World Health Organization who kowtowed to China, were sending out messages not to be concerned about Covid-19. In other words China capitalized on their own lies and deceit and false data reporting to take the opportunity to strip Australia – and other countries around the world – of supplies that they knew would be essential in the coming months. Another way to put this is that China had no compunction in rifling countries irrespective of the fact that their actions would almost certainly lead to higher contagions and death rates in those countries.

In this respect the Chinese regime has been called, “arrogant, primitive and cruel.” I would go further and call the regime “evil”. Equally appallingly the first news video along with the second story both report on the fact that Australian supermarket shelves have been stripped bare of essential supplies by “people” sending products back to China for profit. A third news stories, that includes videos and pictures, seems to show bus loads of Chinese travelling to rural Australian supermarkets to strip the shelves of essential supplies.

It is, of course impossible to tell if they were stripping the shelves for their own purposes or for profit but ultimately it makes no difference. The behavior is disgusting and unconscionable or, in the words of Chris Smith, “parasitic”. I reported on cases such as these some weeks ago in terms of Australian Border Control trying to track and stop consignments of, for example, baby formula being sent from Australia to China and I offered the opinion at the time that those shipments were only going in one direction, China.

Finally, an ultimate irony. Having stripped Australia of essential medical equipment, China has been trying to send in defective medical masks under the guise of helping Australia. They did the same thing in sending defective medical equipment to Spain. Take a moment to reflect on these stories. Not only is China responsible for over 1,000,000 Covid-19 infections worldwide along with thousands and thousands of deaths, they are also pillaging Australia – and no doubt other countries around the world – to boost their own supplies of much need medical equipment and essential food supplies such that Australia has been referred to as a “shopping mall for China“. And then, they’re sending in defective medical masks.

This is the true, evil face of China and I use the word “evil” very advisedly. China is profoundly and utterly immoral – and yet ironically labels comments on their data reporting by United States politicians as morally repulsive – and Australia seems to be realizing this fact with a news story today reporting that the dollar value figure for triggering a review of foreign investment in Australia would be set to zero, meaning that all foreign investment bids, and particularly those from China, will be heavily scrutinized. Perhaps too, Australia will seize Chinese owned assets in Australia in reparation for the economic and financial damage done by the Covid-19 virus. We can only hope.

First Published 3rd April, 2020

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