Tonight I talked with Kannika, the masseuse at the massage parlour that I visit, about her income and retirement. Kannika did not offer to tell me what she earns but I am more than certain that it is a pittance, likely just enough to survive day by day. As for retirement, she told me that she will work until she dies because there is no real pension in Thailand, and certainly not for a masseuse working in a small seaside town. I image that the same holds true for the woman who washed and ironed my 3 KG of laundry for 198 Baht. I would say that she is probably around 30 years old and so she is facing another 40 or so years of washing and ironing.


The virus is spreading around the world but here in Kata the impact of the virus is already a reality. Tourists have all but stopped coming to Thailand and businesses are making next to no money in what would normally be peak season. Covid-19 may well hit the Australian economy and there may well be job losses in Australia but Australian’s will be protected, to some degree at least, by social security payments from Centrelink. Whilst there is a sort of social security system in Thailand, the bottom line is that the system does not really support people of a working age who become unemployed.


There is a food market in the center of Kata where the stalls sell warmed over beef and pork and chicken and lamb and fish and shrimps and oysters and so on. This food market is reasonably busy during the day time hours. Tourists come and go and purchase meat or fish that has been warmed over for hours on end. In the evening the market is thronged by tourists and so the turn over of food is more rapid. However, it remains the case that none of the food is freshly cooked. And so, tourists baffle me with respect to the coronavirus. Why is it that they have not bothered to look into the health tips that are so readily available. Or, if they have looked, why are they ignoring the advice?


These days are expansive. Ideas have time to germinate whilst I sit at the cafĂ© watching the world go by. There is no sense of time pressing. There is simply the feeling of what has been referred to as a “waiting upon”. Waiting for some words to emerge. I might refer to my days as luxurious in this respect. For time is too often stolen from us. Hijacked perhaps in terms of activities and tasks that we would rather not pursue. Not so here. Thus it is that I am entirely at peace.


My holiday in Kata, Thailand continues. The unhygienic couple were once again at breakfast. Again, no nationality to be provided. The behaviour of the woman was once appalling. She continually used a paper napkin to wipe her mouth and her nose. At the end of her meal, she wiped down the table with the same napkin before filling it with the left over sausages. She could not have done more to spread the coronavirus had she been trying to ensure that, should she be infected, then she would infect others.


I cannot help but feel that the way in which I set about structing my days will serve me well in the Covid-19 world. I make this point not so much because I order and structure my days but because managing my life requires an inordinate amount of discipline and determination. There is also the fact of needing to direct my “will” to ensure that I live my life in a way that is conducive to my well being. These qualities, which might all be subsumed under the notion of self-determination, will mean that no matter what happens with the virus, I will have the capacity to react in a calm, ordered and logical manner. I am willing to be money that the same will not be true of the masses.


It strikes me now that I will not have to adapt my life in any way to reduce my threat of contracting the Covid-19 virus. The reason for this is quite simple. I lead an almost completely isolated life and such a life means that I will very likely not be in contact with anyone who might have the virus. This fact is true even as I holiday in Phuket because, on balance, I am spending the vast majority of my time on my own. When I do venture out, I am careful to maintain my distance from people and I have an alcohol based hand sanitizer which I use just about every time that I have to touch something.


So here I am in Phuket or, to be more exact, Kata which is a relatively small seaside town. It would be fair to say that the place is relatively empty. More than fair to say as the news has reported that the Chinese have all left Thailand and that no Chinese are travelling to this place. A note. I had no idea that hundreds of thousands of Chinese came to Phuket every year. If I had been aware of this fact I might have opted for another destination. today I had breakfast at my hotel for the first time. It was a disturbing affair. There was a woman – nationality not to be provided – who sneezed and coughed into her hand, rubbed her eyes and then proceeded to touch everything within reach including but not limited to, plates, cutlery, cups, and glasses. I became paranoid about my toast as the bread had come from a shared bread basket. The virus spreads for multiple reasons but general human stupidity has, I have no doubt, a significant part to play in infecting others. Seriously. Why can people not make an effort to be informed?


By definition the CCP – meaning Xi Jinping – engaged in an act of biological warfare in allowing Chinese citizens to travel around the world at a time when it was known that there had been human to human transmission of the CCP virus. Rather than referring to “deaths” or “fatalities” from the CCP virus, the world should be referring to “murders” committed by Xi Jinping.