Dan O'Heirity

For the first time in my adult life, apart from my one month stay in a low security psychiatric ward, I have found relative peace across my days. The reason for this state of affairs is the lockdown measures that have been put in place in Australia because of the Chinese virus. In this respect I recognise it is kind of wrong to be hoping that conditions remain as they are for a while because, you know, people are dying. However, I do hope that conditions stay as they are, preferably for rather a long time. What can I say? I have a dissociative personality disorder which means being completely detached from anything that I might feel about myself or others.

I imagine that I could live quite happily in isolation for at least six months, possibly longer. After all, what is not to like? I get up around 9AM each day and then I spend an hour sitting my garden, drinking coffee, chain smoking and reading the Covid-19 news on my phone. I wear my pyjamas all day even when I am in virtual meetings because people can only see my head. I eat well, watch Netflix and I write for at least three or four hours a day. Thus am I at peace. Contented even.

Enough about me and on to my preferred data source which is updated in real time for the number of confirmed cases worldwide and for the number of deaths with these figures being reset at GMT+0 each day. Today there are 436,000 cases worldwide, an increase of 13,983 cases over yesterday, or at least yesterday in terms of the time that I am reporting on the data in Australia on Australian Eastern Standard Time.. There have been 19,638 deaths, an increase of 748 deaths over yesterday.

The United States has only seen an increase of 125 cases over yesterday giving a total of cases at 54,981. The number of daily cases will undoubtedly increase significantly before GMT+0. The United States has experienced 5 new deaths meaning that total fatalities in the United States currently stands at 785. Spain has seen an increase of 5,552 cases giving a total of 46,710 cases and 443 new deaths giving a total of 3,434 deaths. Australia has 2,431 cases, an increase of 114 new cases over yesterday. There has been one new death giving a total of 9 deaths.

Whilst Australia is not concerned enough about the Covid-19 virus to close schools, there have been further lockdown measures in Australia including tattoo parlours which is a bit disappointing on a personal front as I was scheduled to get my stomach tattooed next weekend. It seems odd to close tattoo parlours where only two people are in close contact with one another and where hygiene standards are pretty much hospital standard and not to close schools where hundreds of kids mingle together with other children and teachers and where parents must inevitably come into contact with one another as they pick up their children. Go figure.

For my “people are crap” story of the day, Australians are stripping supermarket shelves in order to profit from shipping the goods overseas at hugely marked up prices. I would bet money that the goods are all going to China. Yes, I really did write that down. Come on, no one is stripping Australian supermarket shelves in order to send the products to Europe. It’s China.  Now I’m going to throw another word into the mix just to ensure that people accuse me of racism. “Chinese.” We have Chinese people stripping Australian supermarket shelves of essential supplies to send those supplies back to China for profit. Yes, I said it and I guarantee you that at some time in the future Australia will be saying it as well.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has commented on this situation saying that,

We are putting in place arrangements that make it an offence to engage in profiteering by making large purchases of various supplies in Australia and seeking to export them overseas

The Prime Minister has also commented on the fact that there are people in Australia who are sourcing medical supplies and protective equipment to send them overseas for profit. Scott Morrison has said that,

medical supplies and personal protective equipment being exported overseas illegally would be seized and put to use in Australia.

The same article also suggests that hoarders will also face severe penalties. Thank fuck. Put them in jail for five years sequestered in close proximity to hundreds of other prisoners where, ironically, they would likely be at an extreme risk of catching the virus. Really, why would we care about people hoarding supplies and sending supplies overseas for profit?

I have written before that China is responsible for a pandemic that has infected hundreds and thousands of people worldwide and that China is, rather obviously, also responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide. I have also mentioned that China has shown no inclination to acknowledge this fact. Nor has China sought to address the fundamental reason why the country has been responsible for three viruses – Bird Flu, SARS and the Covid 19 Virus. Rather, China has instead chosen to engage in a propaganda and misinformation mission to deflect blame  for what has happened and continues to happen across the globe.

In this respect, has published a book to tell the world how accomplished they were in combatting the virus for which they were responsible. This fact beggars belief and it is impossible to imagine any other country, with the exception of North Korea perhaps, doing anything of the kind had they been responsible for the Covid-19 virus. Rather, other countries would have sought to address the root cause of the problem, the conditions that led to the virus jumping from an animal to a human and they would have done their best to ensure that it never happened again.

Not so with China because China wants to save face. The concept of “face”, “saving face” and “losing face” is explained in this article with reference to the individual, but I am equally sure that China’s shameful response to the pandemic that they have caused, has to do in considerable degree China trying to “save face” in the eyes of the world. China does not want to be embarrassed in the eyes of the world. What an absurd and ridiculous cultural norm. “Face saving” is a an antiquated and outdated cultural practice and, in the case of Covid-19, we have seen that it is a deadly cultural norm that led China to try to cover up the virus in its early stages thus ensuring that the Chinese virus became a pandemic.

First Published March 25th, 2020

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