Dan O'Heirity

This is the preface to the many posts that I have written as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus has unfolded around the world. My first journal entries were penned whilst I was on holiday in Thailand in mid February 2020. At that time I had some understanding of the potential of the virus turn into a major health catastrophe but, at the same time, the real threat of the virus was not known. Hence my holiday in Thailand. I knew that there was a degree of risk but I also felt that the risk was minimal and that if I was careful then there would not really be much of a chance that I would contract the virus. Such turned out to be the case, particularly as the seaside resort where I stayed – Kata – was devoid of the hordes of Chinese tourist who would normally have descended upon the town at that time of year. Do not misinterpret me here. At that time, the central concern with the spread of the CPP virus was Chinese citizens travelling around the world. And we all know how that turned out.

As the virus unfolded the nature of my journal entries changed. Whilst in Thailand I was in holiday mode and I was observing the world around me, and really just dwelling upon the fact of the CCP virus in an abstract way. However, the nature of my journal entries has changed over time. I started to engage with news reports and to summarize what was happening with the CPP virus on any particular day. Being an academic, I then shifted beyond summarizing news stories and towards fact checking and seeking out the primary sources upon which the new stories were based. For example, seeking statistics for Australia’s world exports through visiting government websites that would provide me with the data that I wanted to view. Still, I would not call this academic research. Rather it is a hybrid form of research, an attempt to remain current with what has been going on with the CCP virus whilst also not taking matters at face value.

The more that I researched the CCP virus the more that had the distinct feeling that I was journeying into the heart of CCP darkness. After months of research, I eventually got to the point where I felt justified in writing that, by definition the CCP – meaning Xi Jinping – had engaged in an act of biological warfare in allowing or perhaps even directing Chinese citizens to travel around the world at a time when it was known that there had been human to human transmissions of the CCP virus in China. I argued further that rather than referring to “deaths” or “fatalities” from the CCP virus, the world should be referring to “murders” committed by Xi Jinping. The argument that Xi Jinping has murdered hundreds of thousands of people follows logically from the legal definition of murder. The argument that Xi Jinping is a murderer is central to these CCP virus diary entries.

First Published May 26th, 2020

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