Today there was yet another story of someone spitting at a police officer. This time it was a woman and her lawyer immediately went on a mental health offensive. People who use their mental health as an excuse for abhorrent behaviour make me sick. They are human trash and deserve to be treated as such. And yes I can say this because I’m bipolar with a secondary dissociative personality disorder and I don’t go around spitting at people.


China is showing a side of itself that it would probably rather the world did not see. First there was the absurd claim that the virus originated with a United States soldier who visited Wuhan. Come on China. Really. Secondly, China, whilst wanting to appear as a “good global citizen” has shipped defective testing kits to Spain. The reason. Well apparently the Chinese government bought the kits from a company that was not licensed to produce them.


I was reflecting today that living in Australia means that I have the freedom to write whatever I wish to write. In other words, I can voice my opinions without worrying, for example, about any consequences that might follow should I choose to be critical of Australia’s handling of the Chinese virus. However, if I were still living in Hong Kong then I would be somewhat fearful of what might happen to me as a result of what I am writing about China’s responsibility for the Covid-19 virus, even though I am not writing anything particularly controversial. If I were living in China then I would even more afraid with respect to what the Chinese government might do to me because of what I am writing.


China, the country that is responsible for the Covid-19 virus, has published a book to tell the world how accomplished they were in combatting the virus for which they were responsible. This fact beggars belief and it is impossible to imagine any other country, with the exception of North Korea perhaps, doing anything of the kind had they been responsible for the Covid-19 virus. Rather, other countries would have sought to address the root cause of the problem, the conditions that led to the virus jumping from an animal to a human and they would have done their best to ensure that it never happened again.


Let us be clear, again, that the Covid-19 virus originated in China and so it seems perfectly reasonable to me to refer to the virus as the Chinese virus, particularly as the Chinese government has tried to cover up the outbreak, which began in November 2019, and would much rather that the world forget that the virus originated in China.


It would be more than fair to say what whilst the United States failed to learn the lessons from the HIV / AIDS pandemic, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have learned the lessons from SARS and, at this point in time, it seems that the three “countries” have responded effectively to the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, ultimately, only time will tell.


Covid-19 becomes a reality in Australia, at least for some people. “Companies having their employees work from home? Schools closed indefinitely? The threat of the new coronavirus has seriously limited people’s ability to move about freely. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt by everyone. Empty supermarket shelves, entire countries in quarantine, cancelled flights and sporting events, closed bars, cinemas and restaurants, and the postponement of big events—these are just some examples of the extraordinary times we’re living in.”


Whilst the insanity continues in Australian supermarkets, I take a look at demographic data in Australia to talk about whether we might predict patterns for the spread of Covid-19 in Australia. I am a complete non-expert in this respect but I do wonder whether data modelling is anything more than educated guesswork.


Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus China has, not very arguably, engaged in a strategic campaign to “re-write history” with respect to the outbreak. Consider this from a Professor at Berkley with respect to what China is currently doing, “It’s an orchestrated, all-out campaign by the Chinese government through every channel at a level you rarely see. It’s a counter offensive.” To put it another way, China is lying about the origins and spread of the Covid-19 virus..


This morning, as I was having a lovely time sitting in my garden drinking my first coffee of the day and chain smoking cigarettes, my mind turned to the history of pandemics and I realized that I possessed scant knowledge with respect to past pandemics. So, I spent some of my work day doing some research and here are my findings.