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Survival 101: Jelly Fruit Salad

Servings 4 Prep Time 5 mins Cool Time 240 mins Total Time 245 mins My grandmother used to make jelly using a jelly mould. One day I decided that I wanted to make a jelly to honour her memory. Then came the first hurdle. It was impossible to find a jelly mould in any kitchen […]

Survival 101: Brown Lentil Dahl

Servings 4 Prep Time 0 mins Cook Time 45 mins Total Time 30 mins As with all of my  Zombie apocalypse recipes, every ingredient in this recipe has a very long shelf life so you can be eating delicious food well into the Zombie horror. So, you need some Indian Ghee, tinned brown lentils, tinned […]

Survival 101: Custard of Delight

Servings 4 Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time  15 mins Total Time 25 mins If you’re in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse, there’s nothing that you’ll want more than comfort food. If you’re English then you  can count a good custard desert in that category. However, this is custard made in the knowledge that […]

Survival 101: Fully Laden Pizza

Servings 1 Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 25 mins Right now, you’re probably saying to  yourself something like, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Perfect pizza during a Zombie apocalypse. No way”. Well, “yes way”. You just need to be prepared for the inevitability of the hoards and then you […]


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Hi, I’m currently turning my attention to simply enjoying what I write and in that vein I am posting on survival recipes for the almost inevitable next pandemic. Or maybe it will be a Zombie apocalypse. Who knows?

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